Decoherence is a duet that developed from an interest in Quantum Entanglement, a scientific theory about interconnectivity on an atomic level. According to this theory, entangled particles simultaneously influence each other regardless of proximity. This entangling and decohering (separating) is happening constantly all over the universe. Decoherence started as a replication of this theory on a macro level. It grew into an attempt at heightened togetherness and proof that we all exist in reference to each other. It is a love letter to the physical laws that unite us all and the mystery of human connection.

Choreography by Jessie Garon with dancers
Dancers Jessie Garon, Jarrett Siddall and Guillaume Biron
Lighting by Jon Cleveland
Sound design created and performed live by Lyon Smith
Costume design by Som Kong

Decoherence premiered at the Scotia Bank Studio Theatre (Toronto) and has been shown at The Theatre Centre (Toronto) as part of SummerWorks Performance Festival and Edifice Wilder Espace danse (Montreal) presented by Tangente Danse.